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Our team delivers high quality digital media services.
UNIVERSALD Inc. Specializes in motion graphics, video, multimedia and animation production for multiple industries.

We utilize the latest technologies in design, animation, motion graphics, audio and video services. Our teams deliver digital assets viewable across multiple devices including projection screens, SD & HD monitors, mobile devices, websites, Apple and PC platforms.

Our sales consultants will work with you develop custom and affordable solutions. Call us today to find out more! 815-669-3904
Motion Graphics
High quality motion graphics engage your audience like no other media platform can! Bring your message to life with motion type, video, animation and music!
Video Production

Don’t just tell your target audience what you do, show them. Our video services are available to you at affordable prices. Contact us today!

3D Modeling

We have an unprecedented level of expertise in 3D development. Our 3D artists have worked on multiple video game titles, film and broadcast productions. We are your 3D modeling solution.

Let us turn your creative ideas into a high quality animation. We have affordable animation solutions for your project needs. Our teams are experts in 2D and 3D animation development for all media platforms.
Our network of developers eat sleep and breathe interactive development. We are capable of delivering interactive experiences in Flash and other web technologies. These productions are displayed on mobile, web, disc and touch screen devices.
Digital Design
At the heart of our services we rely on rock solid designs that adhere to your brand. We utilize a system of digital design processes that streamline all of our media production services. Our team provides you with the latest in design technology and methods.
We provide competitive pricing because of our extensive network of business professionals, production studios and contractors. Our services are monitored and tracked on a daily basis through our project management system. We stay in touch and keep you informed each step of the way. Our teams are highly qualified and dedicated to each project they are assigned. Contact us today!